Frequently Asked Questions


5.What is meant by an ‘Amendment’?

All the changes made to the original booking details other than a cancellation is termed as an amendment.

6. What types of Amendments can we make to the booking details? And what will be the charges?

This matter varies accordingly for each individual hotel, transfer or package that was previously booked. When you are logged in with your account, there will be an amendment request option inside your booking details. You can request any amendment options that are available and our customer support team will get back to you with the outcome of your request. We would suggest you to kindly contact our customer support for any question or query you might have in this regard.

7.How much time can it take to get a refund?

This matter varies for each individual hotel, package or transfers that was previously booked. Plus the mode of payment that was used also matters the most in determining the time it will take to get you a refund. Our standard refund time is within 40 working days. Feel free to contact our customer support team for detailed information.

8. How can I cancel my Booking for Hotels, Transfers or Package?

For any bookings that are refundable or carry a cancellation price, you can log in to your account and there will be a cancel option available to you within your booking details. If possible, your booking will be cancelled immediately. We would highly suggest you to kindly note the cancellation charges for your bookings before you cancel. Other than that, our customer support team is available to cancel your urgent bookings on call or can provide with you with further assistance.

9. How will I receive the money, after I have cancelled my bookings?

You will get a refund of all your spendings in the same mode of payment in which we received the payments to make the bookings. For example, if you would have used your credit card, we will make an appropriate charge reversal. And If you made a transfer using your bank account, we will credit the money back to your bank account.

10. Where can I find the cancellation policy for my booking?

The Cancellation policy of all bookings is shown under the "Cancelation policy/Booking policy" section. This will also be present in the confirmation email and the booking voucher which will also be available on the "My Bookings" section.

11.What is the cancellation policy for bookings on And what are the charges?

Our policy includes that we will not charge any additional fees or penalties. Only the Supplier cancellation policies will apply in this case. Our services are free for our customers.


12. I need some help with the bookings I made with, How can I get in touch with someone for customer support?

All post-booking customer concerns are handled by our Customer Care Department. You can get in touch with us by email at and expect a quick reply or If you want to get in touch with us by calling us at +44 20 8133 0145 . A Customer Care Representative will look into you matter and address all your concerns personally within the time period of 24-72 business hours depending on the urgency of the matter. If your matters require more time to investigate, you will be notified via telephone or email.

13. Incase I don’t receive my Travel Confirmation?

Depending on the services you have payed for, an Electronic confirmation will be issued and emailed on the Email-address provided at the time of your booking. Some of the confirmations are instant, this means that you will receive an electronic confirmation immediately. And in some other cases you can receive confirmation that can take upto 1-2 business days to be issued. Please ensure that the email address you will providing us during the time of booking purchase should absolutely accurate. Please also keep a check on your junk/bulk mail folder to make sure you haven't missed any important mails. You can also download your confirmation from "My booking" section. If you have not received your confirmation copy by email within 3 business days and cannot find it on the "My booking" section, please call us at +44 20 8133 0145

14. Booking Errors will send you an email confirmation immediately after you have purchased a booking. It is important to look over your email confirmation to verify that all information is accurate, including the spelling of your Name which should match your required travel documents. If you notice any errors, please contact us via phone immediately at the provided contact details. We try our best to correct any errors, however it is not guaranteed that they will be fixed. In some cases, fixing the error may incur additional cost and/or fees to the traveller(s).


15. Why should I register with What are the advantages?

We recommend you to register with us to make the process faster and more convenient, as you won’t have to type your details every time you are making a booking. As a registered user you will also have access to the member dashboard, where you can manage all your bookings, as well as find a complete history of all the searches you have made on Moreover, by registering as a member you get notifications for the best deals and promotions on

16. How do I Register with

For registering, first go to the Registration page by giving a click on the Register button , input your name, email address and other required details in the form, click submit and you're done.

17. What if I forget my Password?

No need to worry, we will reset it for you. Simply click on "Forgotten your password?” and enter your registered email address. Once you complete the above steps, we will send an email to email address containing your new/original password.

18. Do I need to register with to make a purchase?

No, you can purchase all products and services offered on the website as a guest, however by registering with you can get additional members advantage. Please note that once you have completed a purchase through, your account is automatically generated and the email of your login credentials is sent via email for your convenience. After that you can use those credentials to login and update your details.

19. Why am I getting emails from ?

If you have received an email from us regarding a Hotel search or booking that you've abandoned, this is because as a digital company, we run a cookie based behavioural software that is triggered upon a specific user action taken on our website. We track our customers behaviour through a cookie and associate it with an email address that we could retrieve from you at several instances during your interaction with us. Moreover, you might have subscribed for’s newsletter that we send every once a while to notify our customers about our new updates, promos and offer. We are always careful about the information that we collect and we do not share or sell email addresses or personal information to any third parties. If you have further questions about this, our customer support team will be there to explain further. If you would like to review our Privacy Policy, please Click Here.


20. What are timings? is an online travel company, with a focus on providing the best customer service around the clock. We are there for our customers 24/7 via an email or call.

21. I need some help with a booking I made with, how do I get in touch with someone?

All post-booking customer concerns are handled by our Customer Care Department. You can get in touch with us by sending in submitting an enquiry form here or by sending us an email at A Customer Care Representative will read and address your concerns personally within 24-72 business hours depending on the urgency of the matter. If your concerns require more time to investigate, you will be notified via telephone or email.

22. Do you have an offline presence? Can I visit your office?

Our corporate headquarters is in Lahore, Pakistan and our liaison office is in London, United Kingdom. You can call and pay a visit at our headquarter but since we are purely an online travel company, hence, all bookings, refunds, payments and any such query/request will be handled completely from within our online system. We do not deal for any offline query other than provide 24/7 customer support.


23. How can I trust to protect my credit card information? is a fully secure web platform. uses a safe and secure connection for all your bookings with personal data and credit card details being encrypted. Our secure server uses "Secure Socket Layer" (SSL) and TLS technology, the online industry’s standard.

24. My Credit Card / Debit Card was charged but the page expired or the booking was NOT made, what do I do?

Don't worry, we have always got your back. In any such case that the payment was charged and the booking was not made, we are liable to confirm your requested booking from our back office or return your money within our refund processing time. You can contact us and notify us about this on our customer support email/contact number and provide us with the relevant details and we will facilitate you in confirming your booking or refunding your amount (if you may like).

25. Can I make part payments?

No. We do not accept any partial payments.

26. Which Credit / Debit Cards can I use for making a booking?

You can use the following Credit / Debit cards to make a booking on

  • MasterCard
  • VISA

27. What Payment options does have?

Bookings made on are not confirmed until payment. At the moment all our payments are handled via the most secure and reliable payment processing gateway, EASYPAY (powered by Telenor). We accept credit/debit card for both Visa and Mastecard for your convenience. Furthemore, easypaisa shop and easypaisa mobile account payment options are also available. Please note, is an online travel company and all payments shall be processed online via debit/credit card.

28. How will I receive my invoice?

When you have logged in your account, all invoices for the bookings made will be available for you under the booking details. You can view the invoice/print or download it as per your convenience. Incase if you don't find your invoice, please feel free to contact our customer support and our team will be happy to assist you or send the invoice for you via email.

29. Can I make a reservation for myself using another owners Credit card?

If the passenger’s name does not match the name on the credit card holder, you may receive a call or an email from the Back Office Processing Department to collect more information including requirements, proof of documents for bookings using a third party credit card. This is usually a back and front copy of the card along with a copy of government issued ID document.